Not every small business needs an outsourced bookkeeper but every one does need balanced books.

I see you if...

You aren’t quite ready to hire (or pay for) a bookkeeper but you really aren't sure how to keep your own books either.

You want to do your own bookkeeping but every time you try you get confused and overwhelmed and end up shutting your laptop without getting much done.

People tell you QuickBooks is “easy”, but you honestly just have no idea where to start. 

What if I told you you could learn the basic ins and outs of keeping your own books with QuickBooks Online in just one week??

(or even less if you’re in a real go-getting mood) 

That’s exactly what One Week to QBO Confidence can do for you! I show you exactly what you need to know about doing your own bookkeeping without any fluff or confusing accounting talk. 

Hi! I'm Sarah Williams!

I am a small business bookkeeping specialist and QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor. I help businesses of all shapes and sizes get a handle on their bookkeeping and stay on top of their financial health.

I recognize that not all small businesses need (or want) a full-service bookkeeper, but all small business do need proper bookkeeping!

I also recognize that entrepreneurs are BUSY working on growing and sustaining their business. They need an easy to follow (and QUICK) solution when it comes to keeping their own books.

That’s why I created 1 Week to QBO Confidence! To help entrepreneurs get a handle on their business bookkeeping in a quick and concise way. And to show people that bookkeeping does not need to be hard, or overwhelming or stress inducing.

That anyone can truly feel confident doing their own bookkeeping with QuickBooks Online (No really! ANYONE! Including you!). 

1 Week to QBO Confidence Shows You How To:

•Effectively use QuickBooks Online to manage your business finances.

•Keep track of all your income and expenses in under an hour week.

•Set a bookkeeping schedule for yourself so you always know what needs to be done and when.

•Pull reports and actually understand what they mean.

Feel confident that your books are in order when it comes time to file your taxes.

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Right now...

Maybe you’re struggling with managing your business finances.

You know you are capable of keeping your own business books but you just need a little guidance on how to use QBO properly.

You think your business is profitable, but you aren’t sure what your actual numbers are.

You know you are missing things by continuing to use excel (or good old pen and paper) to keep your books but using QuickBooks Online just seems overwhelming.

You want to feel knowledgeable about how your business is doing financially.

But Imagine If...

You could truly feel confident when using QuickBooks online.

All it took was under an hour a week to effectively manage your own books.

You knew exactly who owed you what at any given moment.

You had an easily referenced program to turn to when you weren’t quite sure if you were doing things right. (instead of fumbling around on YouTube to try to find the answer)

You could pull a financial report and actually understand what you were looking at. 

You could do your own bookkeeping and feel confident knowing it was done correctly.

What's Covered in 5 Days?

Day 1: Getting to Know QBO: get familiar with where things are and how to navigate the program

Day 2: Making Money: Covering sending invoices, receiving payments

Day 3: Spending Money: Covering entering and paying bills, assigning expense categories and paying yourself.

Day 4: Getting on a Schedule & Closing Out the Month: Figure out the perfect bookkeeping schedule for you and you biz and balancing your account at month end.

Day 5: Reports & Review: Learn the benefits of reviewing reports and how to understand what you're looking at.

But wait there's more! You also get:

Downloadable Google calendar reminders and my custom bookkeeping scheduling worksheets to help you get on track and keep it that way!


-How does this work?

QBO Confidence is an online course, once you sign up you get full access to the program and can get started immediately.

-What happens after purchase?

You get instant access to start the course right away, or whenever you are ready

-How will this help me?

By giving you a solid understanding of how to use QuickBooks Online to manage your own business bookkeeping.

-How long to I have access?

Forever!! Have the entire course at your fingertips whenever you get stuck or need a refresher.

-Do I need to be good at math to learn how to keep my own books?

Nope! QuickBooks does all the math for you, once you learn the program there's really no math at all.

-How long will this take?

The course is designed to take up to one hour a day for five days but could easily be done in a weekend if you have the time and ambition!

-When can I start implementing what I’ve learned?

Right away! I recommend implementing the days lessons the same day you watch the videos to get immediate hands-on experience with your own books.

-What kind of time commitment is involved?

Doing your own bookkeeping is a commitment, no matter what. You should expect to spend an hour a day (tops!) for five days while taking the course and then about an hour a week (depending on the size of your business) to keep on top of your bookkeeping going forward. If you don't have an hour a week, you don't have the time to keep your own books!

-Who is this for?

QB Confidence is geared towards sole-proprietors of service-based and creative businesses. Both starting out and those that have been in business for a while.

-What's the refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of the product refunds are not available after purchase.

Imagine where you could be in a week from now….

You could feel confident in your QBO skills.

You could be spending under an hour a week on your bookkeeping (and know what you're doing)

You could feel a true sense of security when it comes to your business finances. 

Still have some questions?

Email me at [email protected]